December 7, 2022

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Termite Control

Termite Inspection

Also known as ‘white-ants’, termites are soft-bodied insects with a body length of 4-11mm. These tiny insects have a foraging behavior which makes them constantly search for food. They can gain access to property and furniture through gaps as tiny as the width of a business card.

The tropical and high humidity environment we live in is a combination which conducive termites to grow.

Before termite infestations can be treated it is important to carry out an inspection of your premises which will reveal the species of termites. Once a full assessment has been done, a recommendation will be made on the options of treatment. Given the intensity of the infestation, we will then effectively treat active termites found and if there is no evidence of an infestation, we will implement a proactive termite prevention solution.

In providing recommendations, providing treatment and implementing preventive measures, our team of expert staff offers a completely professional service. They have been trained on many aspects which enables them to make the most effective recommendations of treatment for your termite infested property.

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