Rat Kill Pellets

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Don’t let rats laugh at your unsuccessful efforts to exterminate them any longer. Buy this Rat Kill Pellets that are strongly effective and kills rats fast.

Whether in domestic homes, business premises or public areas, rats stand no survival chance in the presence of Rat Kill Pellets.

Active Ingredient in Rat Kill Pellets

Warfarin 0.05%

Warfarin 0.05% Mode of Action 

Warfarin inhibits the normal production of Vitamin K that is responsible for blood clotting. This results in profound and prolonged anticoagulant effects and once the rodent runs out the essential vitamin K, it will bleed to death.

Rat Kill Pellet Target Pests

  • Rats
  • Mice

Rat Kill Pellet Rate of Application

Place the rat kill pellet about 20 to 40 feet apart in the infested areas. If the infestation is very heavy, set more pellets at close proximity. Consider areas where rats prefer to hide such as;

  • Ceiling basements
  • Behind walls
  • Behind furniture like cabinets.
  • The back of closets
  • In sofa sets
  • In the wastewater sewers

 Why Use Rat Kill Pellets?

  • They are a very effective method of exterminating rodents
  • They are ready to use and require no extra preparation
  • A small amount is needed to kill a rodent
  • Unlike other rodenticides that take weeks to work, Rat Kill Pellet kills rodents in just 2-4 days
  • They have a pleasant taste that encourages many rats to eat on.
  • They are very resistant to mold, vapor, and water

Why You Should Always Buy a Rat Kill Pellet from Globofix Pest Control?

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