Hotels and Resorts

It doesn’t take long for a threat from pests to escalate into a full blown health hazard; putting the good reputation of your hotel at risk.

Hotel management should take a proactive lead when monitoring their pest control programme, as it is imperative to the upkeep of the hotel as well as the reputation of the establishment.

The slightest vulnerability to a threat from pests should not be ignored as it can prove to be costly to remediate.

Untreated pest problems can lead to uncontrollable infestations and your business may experience its negative effects such as regulatory and legal implications, reduction in occupancies, frustrated guests, and contaminated food whilst your hotel’s service standards are scrutinized on public forums and social media.

This is why a complete pest management programme should be part of your hotel’s pest control plan .

At GIL Pest Control, we offer a comprehensive, integrated Pest Management programme, aligned with Global food safety and International hospitality standards.

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