December 6, 2022

GIL Pest Control

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Protecting Your Assets and Employees’ Health and Safety

Issues from pests can disrupt the peaceful workflow of your company and put your employees in discomfort as well as cause concern for their health and safety. It is also a threat to property which could cause deterioration of structural elements and physical resources such as supplies, furniture, computer hardware and wiring.

As an employer, your workplace may face safety and health risks resulting from untreated pest problems. Rodents and other pests are common in urban environments; this requires a meditative and thorough pest control technique to eliminate the threat of a pest infestation and contamination.

With our pest management solutions you can ensure pleasant work environment for your employees by eliminating any possibility for food and water contamination while maintaining health and hygiene. We use odor free chemicals which does not disrupt the daily workflow or compromise the safety of your employees.

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